Checked progress of the two new batches

January 11, 2006 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

Sunday evening, after our guests had left, I siphoned off a few ounces of each batch and checked the specific gravity. I was both surprised and pleased to find that after 6 and 7 days of fermenting they were both at 1.0113. Esentially, done. I tasted the brown beer and think it will be good. The color is dark, but much lighter than I had feared it might be. The Corona clone is quite light yellow, but very cloudy at this point. I did manage to talk my wife into tasting it, even though her initial reaction was, “it looks like piss.” GUess the cloudiness added that visual for her! Her comment was, “it’s good”. Bearing in mind this is a week old, warm, non-carbonated beer getting a positive from her is amazing! That was her first ever taste of homebrew straight from the fermenter.

Tonight if I get time, I’ll rack it to the secondary. I plan to add Isinglass as a clarifier, but not sure when to add it. I plan on a two week secondary, so maybe I’ll wait about a week before adding it. Racking to the secondary is going to be quite a process I fear, as I’ll first need to sanitize the glass carboy, then after racking the first one, wash that primary fermenter out and sanitize it, then rack the brown to that, while still managing to get some sleep. I would do the second one tomorrow night, but I can’t because we’re setting up our display for the sportsman show in Salem, NH after work tomorrow.

More on the progress after the racking.


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So THIS is how it’s supposed to work! Uh-oh!

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