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January 14, 2006 at 7:31 am Leave a comment

This past Weds. evening I got home from work about 5:30 and decided I should rack at least the Corona clone to secondary. Easy, innocent, decision. I got everything together, sanitized and proceeded to rack. I could not get a siphon running to save my soul. I decided to bypass the racking tube and grabbed, washed,sanitized a new piece of tubing. Success! With my wife’s help to hold the tube all 5 gallons were racked without incident. I added about an ounce of Isinglas at the time of racking because the flaked rice is still making the beer terribly cloudy. Sure hope it comes out well.

After that one was done I decided what the hell and racked the brown dog clone too. Had to wash and sanitize the fermenter from the Corona clone to use as a secondary though. First time using the plastic fermenter as a secondary, so, again, I hope the results are what I want. The color on this brew is ok, a bit darker than OBD, but not too much too dark. Time will tell I guess.


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Uh-oh! In bottles!

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