In bottles!

January 31, 2006 at 7:48 pm 1 comment

The Old Brown Dog clone, hereafter called “Brown Puppy”,

and the Corona clone ( Colona) are happily residing in amber 12 ounces bottles!PICT0538.JPG
Bottled them Saturday, and for once, pretty much without incident.Like most of my projects this one started innocently enough when on Friday night I decided I’d was “a few” bottles. My plan was to get a start on them so that Saturday morning would be less work. I needed 96 12 ounce bottles…and ended up washing 100! Bedtime was NOT early… 3:30 am. It was just going so well, I had a rythmn going and all that. At some point during the night I handled every empty bottle I have, even de-labeled about 40 of them. I even devised the best system ever for removing labels! I put the bottles standing up in a cooler full of the warmest water I could put my hands in and added 3 scoops of Oxyclean. The labels fell off in just minutes, ev

After going to bed at 3:30 I didn’t feel very much like an early start, so at about noon I gathered the stuff and began the bottling process. After I bottled the Brown Puppy I sanitized the bottles for the Clona in Iodophor and dried them in the dishwasher.

While waiting for the bottles to dry I got a turkey fryer set up outside and brewed a 5 gallon batch of wheat. It’s probably pretty safe to say that all future brews will be outdoors brews! The water was boiling in about 10 minutes…which compares to more than 1/2 hour for the same 2 gallons in the house! I also had a major boil over with absolutely no impact on anything but the volume of wort. Just a major improvement over using the stove. Made me want to get my brewtree made all the more.

When the boil was done I dumped 3 of the 4 gallons of water I had placed in my beer freezer into the fermenter and dumped the wort in. The water wasn’t quite cold enough, but pretty close as I came up with a temperature of 80 degrees. I also had to add another 1/2 gallon of cooled water to bring the total volume up to 5 gallons. After I added the water I sloshed the wort very vigorously and took an sg reading… 1.051. Absolutely right on target! I proofed the yeast (came in the kit, I forget what it was) and pitched it.

Back to bottling! It took a surprisingly short period of time to bottle 45 bottles and cap them. I guess that’s waht happens when there aren’t any incidents! It was so uneventful that there’s is nothing at all to write about it.

I took a short break and then washed and rinsed everything to put it away for the next event… the racking of the wheat to secondary. When that happens I’ll split the wort into a 3 gallon carboy and 2 one gallon jugs. The jugs will be flavored…one with frozen cranberries, the other with raspberries. I’m curious to see what it all tastes like…my taste of the fresh wort was so wheaty that I thought I was drining a bowl of Wheaties cereal! I sure hope that changes… a lot!


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  • 1. kking  |  February 13, 2006 at 6:52 am

    Popped the tops on the first of these yesterday. I haven’t tried the Colona (cute name for a Corona clone, huh?) but my son in law did and likes it. I tried a Brown Puppy earlier in the week that had only been in the bottle about a week before it went to the fridge, and is was carbonated slightly and has a bit of a “burnt” taste, likely due to the mashing instead of steeping of the chocolate malt.


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