More on the temp control

March 5, 2006 at 9:44 am Leave a comment

Well, I’m a little less tired now…the last post was written after I finished with making the control board at 12:03 am.I’m in the process of trying to find the right spot on the dial for the 65 degrees I want it to be in there. I make a trip to the basement about once an hour and tweek the dial a bit. Once I find the exact spot I’m going to make a mark with a sharpie (if I need to) and then put the beer that’s bottle conditioning in my kitchen in there for a week. If it doesn’t explode (it’s very heavily primed with sugar!) I’ll move them to the fridge next weekend and we’ll give it a try next Sunday evening.

Here’s a better shot of the control board. It will be closed in and made into a tower once I get it regulated. I don’t remember if I already said this or not, but the top half of the outlet is to plug the freezer into when I need to cool to the proper temp, the bottom half is to plug the heater into when I need to warm it up to the correct temp.


Here’s a shot of the heater it controls. It’s a simple electric resistance unit that has two settings (750 watts and 1500 watts) and a fan. I might look at it and see if I can run the fan all the time and turn the heating element on as needed.


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