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November 5, 2008 at 9:52 pm Leave a comment

After the last couple of batches I brewed I just lost interest entirely. I had both batches in secondary fermentation,and just left them there. For more than two years! Never even looked at them.

Last month I sold my entire all grain setup,right down to the two carboys that held that last brew. I dumped them,cleaned the carboys and sold everything.

Now,a month later I have one 5 gallon batch in primary, and one in secondary.

I can’t even tell you why the desire came back. I honestly don’t know. I just decided that I wanted some homebrew on hand when my son gets here for his leave, and for our large family Thanksgiving celebration.

The batch that is in secondary is an extract with grains brew called Snowy Mountain American Pale Ale. Here’s an idea for a label if I bottle it.


The batch in primary is a partial mash.It’s a recipe I worked up in The Beer Recipator. It has British 2row, flaked maize and flaked rye. It should be about 5% abv,and about 25 ibu I think. It’s supposed to be pretty light colored. My goal was a dryer, brighter beer that might appeal to the people in the family who don’t get in to the whole homebrew thing.

Next up is a small all grain batch using ingredients I have on hand already. It’ll be a total experiment…I’m doing it with only 2 row grain and a single hop. I want it to be light and clean, with low bitterness and not complex at all. This one is again hoped to appeal to the lighter beer drinkers in the family.

I’ll be posting again soon….


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Almost beer…. Finally!

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